I am Rochester is a documentary that highlights the spiritual history and revival of the Greater Rochester Metropolitan area. I was tasked with creating 8 illustrations that depicted key moments in time to be featured in the I am Rochester film. 
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Iroquois nation leaders meet at the Great tree of Peace to bury their hatchets and weapons to usher in peace between tribes under a new law. 
Ten men stand in agreement to abolish alcohol in Rochester, NY.
Alcohol poured onto the streets of Rochester, 1920. 
Harriet Tubman bringing slaves to safety at Fredrick Douglas's house on the underground railroad. 
Fredrick Douglas' famous July 5th (1852) speech at Corinthian Hall in Rochester, New York.
To read his speech, click here.
Charles Finney and friend traveling down the Erie Canal via packet boat. 
September 1830
Charles Finney preaching at a church on the Erie canal while the building crumbles around him, causing the partitioners to frantically disperse. 
A portrait of Charles Finney, the "father of modern revivalism". 
Sketches, WIP, and Scrapped Illustrations

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